Guest Controller Approval 

The Hungarian division is participating in the GCA (Guest Controller Approval) program.
Any IVAO user, not being a member of the Hungarian Division, who would like to control in an FRA restricted position is required to obtain a GC Approval from DIV HQ or Training Department.


  • The minimum rating for requesting a GCA in the HU division is ADC. However, the GCA sessions and GCA checks must be done in the highest ATC position of the division (Budapest Radar – LHCC_CTR)
  • We would strongly ask our GCA holders to take part in at least 1 event as ATC, at least for a duration of 1 hour, where the HU division is an organizer 
  • When the 1-event-participation is not possible, we ask our GCA holders to spend online 5 hours per month, preferably in the highest position available (Budapest Radar – LHCC_CTR) 
  • Knowledge of a few Hungarian greetings (szia; jó utat) is appreciated

GCA request

If you are interested to become a GCA member in the HU division, contact us via

Dear enquiring members, at the moment the Hungarian division is unable to train future GCA members due to divisional trainings and exams.

Best regards,
Bence HU-TC