Guest Controller Approval 

The Hungarian division is participating in the GCA (Guest Controller Approval) program.
Any IVAO user, not being a member of the Hungarian Division, who would like to control in an FRA restricted position is required to obtain a GC Approval from DIV HQ or Training Department.


  • The minimum rating for requesting a GCA in the HU division is ADC. However, the GCA sessions and GCA checks must be done in the highest ATC position of the division (Budapest Radar – LHCC_CTR)
  • We would strongly ask our GCA holders to take part in at least 1 event as ATC, at least for a duration of 1 hour, where the HU division is an organizer 
  • When the 1-event-participation is not possible, we ask our GCA holders to spend online 5 hours per month, preferably in the highest position available (Budapest Radar – LHCC_CTR) 
  • Knowledge of a few Hungarian greetings (szia; jó utat) is appreciated

GCA request

If you are interested to become a GCA member in the HU division, contact us via