The Hungarian division is participating in the GCA (Guest Controller Approval) program in accordance with R&R T.2.
Any member outside the HU Division who wants to control any position in the HU Division (all facilities in Hungary) has to apply for a prior approval to be granted by the Hungarian Division's Training department.

Application for a GCA

The applicant should send a short motivation letter to After reviewing the application the Hungarian Division's Training Department will get in touch with the applicant for the rest of the procedure. Please provide your full name and VID when applying for a GCA.

Ratings and facilities

  • Members with a GCA in the Hungarian Division should at least hold an ADC (Aerodrome Controller) rating, although waivers can be granted ad-hoc by the division training department.
  • Members shall be in good relations with their home division. The Hungarian Division's Training Department reserves the right to request information about the applicant from his/her division's staff.
  • Members requesting a GCA in Hungary may be subject to a training or checkout before approval to check if the applicant’s knowledge of the local procedures is sufficient.
  • Members with an ADC rating are eligible to apply for a GCA on LHBP TWR, and if requested LHBP APP (additional checkout may be required).
  • Members with an APC rating or higher are eligible to apply for a GCA on LHCC CTR.
  • Exemptions from the aforementioned restrictions may be granted by the division's training department for experienced controllers.
  • The HU Training Department may decide to restrict a members GCA for specific ATC positions.

Language requirements

English is the only language used for operational purposes within the Budapest FIR. Local language (Hungarian) may be used for domestic VFR flights in uncontrolled airspace if and only if both parties speak Hungarian. Should any of them not speak Hungarian, the communication langauge shall immediately be changed to English. (Knowledge of Hungarian greetings are highly appreciated and beneficial!)

GCA in other divisions

To apply for a Hungarian GCA, a member cannot hold more than five (5) GCAs in other divisions. HU Training Department may grant waivers ad-hoc.

Maintaining your GCA

After a successful checkout the GCA will be issued to the member's profile. There is no time limit when the GCA expires, however GCA holders are expected to control at least five (5) hours per month in Hungarian airspace. HU Training Department may decide to waive this rule per individual case if a sufficient reason is provided (e.g. school exam period). Such informations shall be provided beforehand to HU Training Department.

Members holding a GCA for Hungary are asked to divide their controlling time between their home division, other GCAs and the HU GCA in order to give Hungarian members the chance to control and work their way towards the different ratings. If HU division staff determines the member is controlling too much hours in Hungary thus limiting Hungarian members to provide service, the staff may ask the member to limit the hours spent controlling in Hungarian facilities. Not following these recommendations may result in the revokal of the GCA, effective immediately.

Division transfer

Members deciding to leave the Hungarian Division will not be eligible for a GCA in the first six (6) months after their transfer. HU Training Department may decide to waive this rule per individual case.

Staff members

Staff members of foreign divisions are expected to behave exemplary as they would do in their home division. They are representing both their home division and IVAO in general. If the Hungarian Division staff feels that the shown behavior does not meet the requirements of being a staff member, the GCA will be revoked and the member's home division HQ will be contacted regarding the case.

Revoking GCA

GCA will be revoked without prior notice in the following cases:

  • Behavioral troubles,
  • Member becomes inactive (inactive account),
  • Member becomes suspended (suspended account),
  • Member does no longer meet the criteria set out on approval,
  • Member does not control for at least 5 hours per month in the Hungarian airspace without providing a good reason.

When such revoke occurs, the member will not be eligible for a Hungarian GCA for six (6) months.

Application form
The Application form is under construction.
Please send an email to to request a GCA Approval.